Ceres Commodity Logistics Hub

Location: Northgate, Saskatchewan
Description: Situated on the Canadian side of the U.S Canada border at Northgate, Sask., the $90 million Commodity Logistics Hub included the construction of a major grain terminal, a trans-loading facility and 13 kilometers of rail loop and track connecting the facility to the Burlington Northern Railway.  Through the Steward Southern Railway on the Canadian side, the Hub facilitates shipments of grain and petroleum projects from Saskatchewan to the U.S. and Mexico. KPCL was contracted for the construction of all project earthworks up to the underside of rail ballast and included the supply of rail ballast.  Excavation and granular backfills totaled approximately 1 million cubic meters, with 1,500 linear meters of large culvert installations. Key challenges included soil conditions being significantly different from design assumptions with poor, near surface soils having to be replaced with suitable, non-frost susceptible material sourced from deep borrow pits within the confines of the owners property. In addition an unanticipated high water table necessitated the inclusion of unforeseen drainage measures to ensure the project schedule was maintained.
Owner: Ceres Global Ag Corp.
Completion Date: 2013 to 2014
Prime Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.