Project: Global Transportation Hub & Logistics Center
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
Description: The Global Transportation Hub (GTH) located in Regina, Saskatchewan is a major transportation and logistics center for Western Canada providing rail access and trucking connections to all major destinations throughout North America. The GTH provides immediate access to rail and highway infrastructure with 60 million consumers within a day’s drive or over 270 million within two days drive. This was the first major logistics hub in Saskatchewan and is now an international port to receive and ship goods. Scope of work included rough grading 1,200 acres, installing water control structures and drainage channels and preparing roadways integral to the hub. Materials totaled plus 2.5 million cubic meters over the development of the 1,200 acres. The initial contract work was completed in 2012 and as the GTH continued to expand the Hub, KPCL’s scope continued to grow with the expansion. GPS Grade Control finishing equipment was used to achieve the specified fine tolerances of +/- 40 mm over very large rough graded areas. A key challenge was ensuring the specified grade was achieved on a very large area so proper drainage was attained.
Owner: Global Transportation Hub
Completion Date: 2012 to 2015
Prime Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.