Rafferty Dam Water Control Structure Souris River

Location: Estevan, Saskatchewan
Description: Developed in conjunction with Alameda Dam from 1988 to 1995, Rafferty Dam ensures that a more reliable water source is available for power generation, domestic and agricultural use. This project involved the construction of dam embankments, with excavations totalling 3 million cubic meters, the placement of 2.2 million cubic meters of compacted fill, and the supply and placement in excess of 150,000 cubic meters of rip rap. Key challenges were addressed with regard to highly compressible and saturated foundation that required the installation of wick drains in the foundation to assist in the dissipation of excess pore water pressure during construction. Controlled fill placement was required to ensure dam stability during construction.
Owner: Souris Basin Development Authority
Completion Date: 1988 to 1991
Prime Contractor: Panteluk Construction Ltd.