Canpotex Railcar Maintenance and Staging Facility

Location: Guernsey, Saskatchewan
Description: The $55.0 million rail car maintenance facility located near the PCS Lanigan Potash Mine provides all-weather light repair and wheel maintenance services for Canpotex’s 5,000 railcar fleet. KPCL was sub-contracted by PCL Construction for grading the site and the construction of the rail bed, maintenance building foundation and HDPE lined sewage lagoon. The extremely poor silty, sandy, saturated soils combined with a near surface water table caused trafficability and constructability problems throughout construction. Because of the challenging saturated soil conditions geotextiles and geogrid materials were used extensively on the project site to improve foundations for the rail grade.
Owner: Canpotex
Completion Date: 2011 to 2012
Prime Consultant: PCL Construction Ltd.