Applying for Jobs

1. How do I apply for a job?

The preferred way for candidates to apply is through our website by completing our application questionnaire and attaching an updated copy of your resume.

Click to Apply Now.

2. What information should I include on my resume?

Candidates should include the following information on their resume:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information, both phone and email preferred
  • Work experience and history of current and/or previous employers
  • Safety certificates and training that are relevant to the position and are still current
  • Work references
3. How can I verify that my resume has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email when applying directly on our website. If applying through a job posting on a third-party website, you may receive a confirmation from them.

4. How do I know if I am selected for an interview?

We will reach out to candidates we are interested in speaking with either by phone or email. Interviews are conducted either over the phone or in person depending on the candidate’s proximity to one of our offices.

5. What other items may need to be completed as part of my application?

Some positions may require online assessments to be completed, this includes behavioural and cognitive assessments through the Predictive Success Corporation. This is upon request, which may be included directly in the job posting.

6. Do you hire interns or summer students?

Co-op internship and summer positions are available based on project requirements specifically for those undertaking civil or geological engineering degree, and/ or those enrolled in civil or mining engineering technology diplomas. Typically, this would involve assisting one of our more experienced project managers and/or surveyors as you learn the basics from the ground up.

7. Do you apprentice trades?

To support and grow our maintenance department, we indenture trades for heavy-duty equipment and welding technicians that help us service, diagnose and repair our fleet of heavy equipment, trucks and smaller assets. We offer on-the-job training for our apprentices as they work under the direction and support of our highly competent and experienced Journeypersons through a combination of field- and shop-based opportunities.

Training Provided

1. What safety training is required?

We look for candidates that have current safety training in the below certifications:

  • General Mine Safety Awareness
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Power Mobile Equipment
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Saskatchewan Construction Training Orientation (SCOT)
  • WHMIS 2015
2. What is power mobile equipment training?

Power Mobile Equipment (PME) training includes a combination of classroom and hands-on practical training on specific classes of heavy equipment to ensure that those operating equipment are competent, safe and can produce quality work. It is a requirement for all heavy equipment operators and trainees. We provide the following PME training to our employees based on what they are requested to operate:

  • General
  • Compaction
  • Crawler
  • Excavator
  • Fork Lift
  • Front End Loader
  • Mobile Crane
  • Road Grader
  • Rock/ Haul Truck
  • Scraper
  • Skid Steer
  • Tractor
3. What if I do not have any or all of the safety training required?

If you do not have all of the safety training required, we do provide industry-, client- and job-specific training to candidates that join our team. Some training might be provided in advance of or at company orientation, other training might be provided throughout your career with us. An example of some safety training that may be provided includes:

  • General Mine Safety Awareness
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Power Mobile Equipment
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOT)
  • Safety Excellence for Leadership
  • Supervisor/ Foreman Training
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Workzone Traffic Accommodation/ Flag Person

Conditions of Employment

1. Is there an Alcohol and Drug policy?

Yes, we have a Fitness for Duty policy where pre-employment testing is a requirement. It is a condition of employment and all employees must adhere to this policy throughout employment with KPCL. This may include alcohol and drug testing, audiometric testing, and fit testing as required by positions.

2. What hours should I expect to work?

When applying for field-based positions, you should expect to work up to 12-hours per shift on either a 10 day on, 4 day off rotation or 11 day on, 3 day off rotation. It is important to note that hours and rotations may vary between projects and are weather dependant at all project locations.

3. Will I be expected to relocate between job site locations?

Yes. All employees may be assigned to different projects at different project locations throughout their employment term.

4. Is a valid driver’s license required?

A valid driver’s license is required for some positions. If it is not required for the position you are interested in, at minimum, you must be able to secure transportation to/ from work as necessary.

5. Do I need to provide my own transportation?

Yes. All employees must be able to secure transportation to and from project locations at the start and end of their shift as well as when transferred between projects and project locations.

6. Are accommodations provided?

For some projects, accommodations may be provided for employees who are working away from home. For our larger project locations, this is typically provided at a work camp, that may offer meal services.

7. If I’m staying at a work camp what can I expect?

At our work camps, all rooms are privately occupied with a single bed, desk and closet. Private TVs with cable are built into each room, and, depending on services available, Wi-Fi may be provided in shared areas.rnrnShared areas include bathroom facilities, kitchen/ dining facilities, and may include a common/ recreational space. At our larger work camps, meal services are provided with breakfast, bagged lunches and dinner services.rnrnWe do not provide any bedding, towels, pillows or other personal items.

8. Is there an Employee Benefits Program?

Yes, we have a cost-share benefits plan (50-50) that tailors to seasonal workers. It includes health benefits such as life insurance, long-term disability, prescription drug coverage, dental care, vision care, out-of-country travel, and employee and family assistance plan.