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At KPCL, we are building today for tomorrow. Everyone makes a difference. Owned by the Panteluk family for over 60 years, we embrace family values throughout our operations and when you join KPCL, you join a diverse and inclusive team..



KPCL is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that performs high-quality work safely. Whether you are new to the industry, looking to grow within the industry, or re-entering the workforce, our leaders can help you build capabilities and skillsets of your own.

At KPCL, you will find multiple career path opportunities. This includes:

  • Administration
  • Catering and Camp Services
  • Earthworks Supervision
  • Construction Labourers
  • Heavy Equipment Operators and Trainees
  • Project Supervision and Construction Surveyors
  • Heavy-Duty Mechanics and Service Personnel
  • Safety Advisors

We look for candidates who, among other attributes and skillsets:

  • Want to be a part of and work as a team
  • Have strong communication and listening skills
  • Are safety conscious and alert to surroundings
  • Are interested and able to work outdoors in all types of weather
  • Enjoy seeing visible progress of project during construction
  • Able to adhere to our Fitness for Duty policy
  • Can be flexible with work schedule as work is seasonal and weather dependent
  • Willing to work overtime and weekends

For further information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Check out their stories

Steven Thomas

Starting Position: Construction Labourer

Current Position: Project Coordinator/ Construction Labour Foreman

Steve initially joined the KPCL team in 2015 and returned in 2019 after working as a cultural/ environmental monitor on a pipeline project for two seasons. He started in a position to learn from the ground up, and over the years has chosen to take on opportunities available to increase his knowledge in the heavy construction industry.  Since then, his career has enabled him to undertake on a number of different positions within KPCL including Construction Labour Foreman, Heavy Equipment Operator, Surveyor and, most recently, some Project Coordinator duties. Steve believes he has had the best chance possible to succeed with KPCL delivering one-on-one training, gaining on the job experience, and being confident with our safety culture. He has learned a lot from those with more experience and feels that he can ask anyone from a peer to a company owner as needed.  Steve gets a real sense of accomplishment from knowing the projects he contributes to are making a positive impact for the lives of others and enjoys working alongside others at KPCL and being able to work at different project locations. His words of wisdom to pass on to others are to ask for help, learn from your mistakes and know that your ability to succeed is entirely dependent on you.