Health, Safety and Environment at KPCL

At KPCL, consideration for the health and safety of our people and the protection of our communities and environment is at the core of our operations.

We take our Health, Safety, and Environmental responsibilities seriously, and maintain a company culture in which all people associated with our business are expected to participate actively in our HSE efforts.

Mentorship and our Safety Management Program

Central to our commitment to safety is our comprehensive Safety Management Program, which extends to all employees, suppliers and subcontractors working with us.

Mentorship plays a key role in our company’s safety efforts, with our leaders helping coach workers in the safe completion of high-quality work. Many of our long-term employees continue to set a positive example to those who join our company or enter the heavy construction industry.

Tools developed by KPCL encourage employees to take an active role in creating a safe workplace; some of the tools we use companywide to prevent incidents include regular safety meetings, job hazard analyses, behavioural based observation programs, company-, site specific  and job-focused orientations and safety training, and occupational health and safety committees.

Continuous improvement and our environmental impact

KPCL strives to minimize the impact of company activities on the environment – a commitment that begins with legal, regulatory, and permitting compliance in all aspects of our operations.

Beyond compliance,  we believe our company has a higher-level duty of care to preserve the environment. We strive to meet this duty of care by participating in internal environmental programs and initiatives such as:

  • Carbon Footprint;
  • Environmental Awareness Training;
  • Fuel and Oil Handling procedures;
  • Spill Response procedures; and
  • Recycling/ Reusable Water Bottle Program.

To ensure that KPCL meets or exceeds compliance with all applicable legislative requirements and industry standards, our program is accredited annually with the below third-party institutions.

  • CanQual member since 2012
  • ComplyWorks member since 2020
  • COR certified since 2001
  • ISN member in good standing since 2006
Industry Memberships

To remain current with the laws and regulations and keep abreast of impending changes, KPCL belongs to a number of industry associations, including:

  • Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan – HCSAS
  • Merit Contractors Association
  • North Saskatoon Business Association – NSBA
  • Regina Construction Association – RCA
  • Saskatchewan Construction Association – SCA
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association – SCSA
  • Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association – SHCA
  • Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association – SIMSA