KPCL procures goods and services based on our operational and project requirements. We value our supplier relationships and encourage contact with existing and potential suppliers.

We look to work with suppliers that cannot only provide the goods or services we need, but also align with our intrinsic values.

What we’re looking for:

  • Integrity in which both parties will conduct themselves in open and transparent two-way communication within our business relationships;
  • Safety in which suppliers value a focus on Health, Safety and the Environment within their operations;
  • Inclusion in which suppliers are diverse in ownership and/ or value a focus on diversity and inclusion within their operations;
  • Quality in which suppliers offer expertise and quality goods and services in their area of business; and
  • Flexibility in which suppliers that can understand and accommodate schedule sensitivity.

If you are interested in being considered for opportunities as a supplier or subcontractor with KPCL, you must register with SmartBidNet. For questions, email

Vendor/Supplier Declaration (PDF)


For assistance with creating your account or any other form-related issues, please contact:

SmartBidNet Support
Support: (888) 808-8319
Support Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM CST

Supplier Diversity

KPCL is working to build a diverse supply chain to support both our ongoing and project-specific operations. We regularly seek relationships with suppliers and subcontractors that advance our efforts to deliver exceptional construction services to our clients, while supporting our diversity and inclusion initiatives and the communities where we work.

We encourage those that may be minority-owned to self identify on our Supplier Self Declaration Form. Supplier diversity classifications include: Aboriginal, Women, Visible Minority businesses. For more information about our initiatives, check out our Diversity & Inclusion page.