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Boychuk and McOrmond Interchanges

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Boychuk and McOrmond Interchange project began in 2017 as a design-build contract to construction two new interchanges on the east side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at the intersections of Boychuk Drive and Highway 16, and McOrmond Drive and College Drive. KPCL was brought in to perform the earthworks scope of work in 2018 under the direction of PCL.

The two interchanges were constructed using the existing roadways alignment, resulting in the need for robust traffic management plans to accommodate the excavation and export of 306,000 cubic meters of unsuitable fill material along with importing 251,000 cubic meters of common embankment fill and 115,000 cubic meters of select embankment fill for the construction of the overpass abutments and roadways. KPCL was responsible for sourcing the import fill along with obtaining all required development and haul permits associated with this borrow material.

Challenges included the high volumes of traffic at the two interchanges which reduced production at peak times along with the added safety risks. Inconsistent and poor quality of soil available on site also increased the volume of import material required on the project adding further schedule pressure.

Owner: City of Saskatoon

Completion Date: 2018

Contractor: PCL Construction Management Inc.

Warman and Martensville Interchanges

Warman and Martensville, SK

The Warman Martensville Interchange project began in 2017 as a three-year design-build contract to construct new highway interchanges for the cities of Warman and Martensville.  KPCL was subcontracted by Kiewit to perform the earthworks scope of work, which involved excavation/ placement of 1.15 million cubic meters, 1,600 meters HDPE culvert for drainage systems, pavement structure grading including sub-base and base materials equating to 352,000 tonnes, final topsoil placement on 146 hectares, and various earthworks support on the overpass structures.  In total, KPCL constructed over 26 kilometers of new roadway in two construction seasons, allowing the project to be completed a year ahead of schedule. Completed by December 2018, the new interchanges help reduce traffic congestion and provide safer access into both communities.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2018

Contractor: Kiewit Construction Services ULC

Highways 18 and 39 Subgrade and Surfacing Structure

Estevan and Bienfait, Saskatchewan

With KPCL as the prime contractor, construction started in 2016.  The scope of work consisted of the removal of the existing road surface structure and subgrade and the construction of new subgrade and surfacing structure for 12.86 kilometers of Highway #39, east of Estevan. In addition, the scope included 3 kilometers of intersection improvements at the junction of Highway #39 and #18, the demolition of a concrete mine haul road underpass bridge, the installation of geotextiles to bridge over poor areas of subgrade, installation of a mechanically stabilized earth wall using cold weather materials, and the supply and placement of a surfacing structure consisting of sub-base and base granular aggregates prior to paving. Earthworks totaled over 1.2 million cubic meters of materials placed.

Key challenges included planning and implementing a significant number of traffic accommodation zones to allow for simultaneous multi-work areas, while minimizing impact on traffic, locating and conditioning sufficient quantities of fill for the construction of the embankments, working through environmental regulatory requirements, and meeting a compressed construction schedule.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2017

Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.

Regina Bypass Area 1 – Motor Scraper Works

Regina, Saskatchewan

The Regina Bypass Design Build Project is the largest publicly owned transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history to date. Valued at $1.88 billion, it is the first project to be completed in a public-private partnership in Saskatchewan.  It will improve safety access, reduce congestion, and help grow our province with better established trade routes.

KPCL’s scope of work involved: constructing the south ramp of an overpass for the Last Mountain Railroad crossing to top of subgrade, constructing the north and south bound highway lanes to top of subgrade between the 9th Avenue overpass to the south ramp of the Last Mountain Railroad for an approximate distance of six kilometers, and hauling excess cut to  an existing borrow pit. Approximate quantities involved in the work included 13,000 square meters of topsoil stripping, 200,000 cubic meters of cut to fill, 80,000 cubic meters of waste material, and 30,000 square meters of final grading.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2017

Contractor: Regina Bypass Design Builders

Dalmeny Access Road Subgrade and Surfacing Structure

Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

The Dalmeny Access Road was a grade-to-pave project to upgrade the subgrade and surfacing structure of the 13.5-kilometer access road into the community of Dalmeny. Improvements included widening the access road complete with shoulders, building a new intersection with Highway 16 to improve sightlines when entering and exiting the highway, and highway curve and intersection realignments to improve road safety for local residents.

Key challenges included delays by the owner’s representative in securing key borrow pits, significant ongoing precipitation events throughout 2012 and 2013, and construction on a high-volume traffic corridor.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2013

Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.

Trans-Canada Highway 1 Twinning

Broadview, Moosomin, & Whitewood, Saskatchewan

KPCL was contracted to construct the grade for the twinning of three sections of the TransCanada Highway between Broadview, Moosomin and Whitewood Sask.  The three projects totaled 3.28 million cubic meters of fill materials over 50 kilometers of new highway construction.

Key challenges included maintaining construction productivity with significant ongoing precipitation events. Despite this, all sections were completed ahead of schedule and KPCL received early completion bonuses.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2006

Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.