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Aspen Ridge C1

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

As the Prime Contractor, Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd completed a recent residential development for the City of Saskatoon called the Aspen Ridge C1 – Water & Sewer Area Grading Project. The site grading aspect of the project consisted of moving around 310,000 cubic meters of earth to either stockpiles or onsite embankments. KPCL completed around 1,280 lineal meters of sanitary sewer line, 1,600 lineal meters of water main, 935 lineal meters of storm sewer line, and around 190 service connections for future residential homes.  The underground piping ranged between 150mm to 900mm with excavation depths ranging between 2 to 6 meters deep. KPCL also installed over 75 manholes and 12 fire hydrants within the Aspen Ridge development.

Owner: City of Saskatoon

Completion Date: 2021

Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.

Boychuk and McOrmond Interchanges

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Boychuk and McOrmond Interchange project began in 2017 as a design-build contract to construction two new interchanges on the east side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at the intersections of Boychuk Drive and Highway 16, and McOrmond Drive and College Drive. KPCL was brought in to perform the earthworks scope of work in 2018 under the direction of PCL.

The two interchanges were constructed using the existing roadways alignment, resulting in the need for robust traffic management plans to accommodate the excavation and export of 306,000 cubic meters of unsuitable fill material along with importing 251,000 cubic meters of common embankment fill and 115,000 cubic meters of select embankment fill for the construction of the overpass abutments and roadways. KPCL was responsible for sourcing the import fill along with obtaining all required development and haul permits associated with this borrow material.

Challenges included the high volumes of traffic at the two interchanges which reduced production at peak times along with the added safety risks. Inconsistent and poor quality of soil available on site also increased the volume of import material required on the project adding further schedule pressure.

Owner: City of Saskatoon

Completion Date: 2018

Contractor: PCL Construction Management Inc.

Warman and Martensville Interchanges

Warman and Martensville, SK

The Warman Martensville Interchange project began in 2017 as a three-year design-build contract to construct new highway interchanges for the cities of Warman and Martensville.  KPCL was subcontracted by Kiewit to perform the earthworks scope of work, which involved excavation/ placement of 1.15 million cubic meters, 1,600 meters HDPE culvert for drainage systems, pavement structure grading including sub-base and base materials equating to 352,000 tonnes, final topsoil placement on 146 hectares, and various earthworks support on the overpass structures.  In total, KPCL constructed over 26 kilometers of new roadway in two construction seasons, allowing the project to be completed a year ahead of schedule. Completed by December 2018, the new interchanges help reduce traffic congestion and provide safer access into both communities.

Owner: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Completion Date: 2018

Contractor: Kiewit Construction Services ULC

Global Transportation Hub Rough Grading

Regina, Saskatchewan

The Global Transportation Hub (GTH) is a major transportation and logistics center for Western Canada providing rail access and trucking connections to all major destinations throughout North America with 60 million consumers within a day’s drive or over 270 million within two days drive. This was the first major logistics hub in Saskatchewan and is now an international port to receive and ship goods.

KPCL’s scope of work included rough grading 1,200 acres, installing water control structures and drainage channels, and preparing roadways integral to the hub. Materials totaled over 2.5 million cubic meters for the development of the 1,200 acres. The initial contract work was completed in 2012 and as the GTH continued to expand, KPCL’s scope of work expanded until 2015. GPS Grade Control finishing equipment was used to achieve the specified fine tolerances of +/- 40 mm over very large rough graded areas. A key challenge was ensuring the specified grade was achieved on a very large area to ensure that proper drainage was attained.

Owner: Global Transportation Hub

Completion Date: 2015

Contractor: Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.